Install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machi

So you want to test-drive the new Windows 10 OS with the least amount of effort?
Test out the new Windows 10 “beta” this way
This entire procedure takes about 1/2 hour depending on the speed of your PC.
Here’s how:

1) Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO . Click  through the page by answering the given questions (‘Get started -PC”)until you’re finally at the select mirror to download page.

2) Download and Install VirtualBox.

3) Once Virtual Box is installed – Open it – select NEW – give it a name – Type is Microsoft Windows – and the third drop box select Windows 10 – Depending on the ISO version you select 32 bit or 64 bit.
IF you don’t see 64bit – make sure ‘virtualization technology’ or “VT-x” is enabled in your Bios.

4)  Once the VM profile is created.  run the OS – a new window will appear – In that window select Devices, CD/DVD Devices – select Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file – select the ISO you downloaded in step 1.
If you get an error 0x0000000A or similar – make sure ‘NX bit’ or “Memory Execution protection” is disabled or “No-Execute Memory Protection” is enabled.

5) You may need to restart the VM and the OS installation should start.  Run the installation as you would normally run any Windows installation.  It is very similar to a Windows 8 installation.  Make sure you select “Custom: Install Windows only” when the option presents itself.